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Driving to and waiting for your healthcare wastes your valuable time and exposes you and your family to illness. Finally, there’s a better way. For the same copay as going to an office or clinic, our licensed clinicians will come to you at your convenience. We provide the attention, personalization, and connection that you want for your loved ones for your urgent care, primary care, or mental health care needs. See what we treat and try and Pivotal Health today.

Serving the Greater Madison and Milwaukee areas with more locations coming soon.

Monday through Friday 8 AM – 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10 AM – 7 PM

Pivotal Health is covered by many major health insurance plans

Pivotal Health Featured on Madison’s Local CBS Station

“A physician who makes house calls evokes memories of the past, of a kindly, experienced doctor carrying a black bag. Middleton-based health care company Pivotal Health is bringing the house call into the 21st century.”

Healthcare Made Exactly For You

  • Schedule a convenient urgent care visit at your home.
  • Avoid waiting around in an office, wasting time and risking illness.
  • Gain time and productivity at home instead of waiting at urgent care or the emergency room.
  • See transparent pricing of all your out-of-pocket costs before you schedule.
  • Get affordable cash price options if you are uninsured or have a high-deductible plan.
  • Schedule 7 days per week for ear infections, sinus infections, UTIs, physicals, and more!

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Hear from Our Patients

"What a terrific option to sitting in an Urgent Care waiting room. I have two teenagers who play multiple sports. When they come home from practice and complain of a twisted ankle, sore shoulder, etc, we contact Pivotal Health...He was professional and easy to talk to. We asked lots of questions and the Dr. took time to answer all of them. I can't recommend this group enough."

Jennifer D.


"Absolute game changer. So rare to have health care tailored to my needs and schedule instead of the other way around. Setting up a home visit was quick and intuitive. The provider arrived when promised and was patient, engaging, and very professional. I've had pizza deliveries with more drama! I'd give them six stars if I could."

Paul M.


"I was dreading everything about going to urgent care - the drive while not feeling well, checking in, the long wait in the lobby, being treated like a number and the long drive home while not feeling well. I decided to call Pivotal Health and had a great experience with the care team that showed up at my home (on time, on a weekend!!)."

Jason N.


"Not only was the care exceptional, doing it in the comfort of the home setting put this experience over the top. The treatment is already helping. I am grateful for the expert care and this innovative approach to bringing it into my living room. Thanks Pivotal!"

Chad V.


"I had an amazing experience with pivotal health. They worked with me and mad my experience as convenient as possible. The staff was especially helpful and gave me the highest quality service suited to my personal needs."

Nicole B.


"Its a great feeling to know that if you or a family member need to be seen that it can happen that exact same day, with amazing care, in the comfort of your own home! Thank you!"

Justin M.


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High-quality healthcare that comes to you

Use the Pivotal Health mobile app, call us, or use our website to select a time for a highly experienced Pivotal Health clinician to come to your home.

Our Services

Ear Pain and Ear Infections   
Respiratory Infections   

Eye Infections and Injuries   

Gastrointestinal Illness   
Genitourinary Conditions   
Muscle, Bone, & Joint Injuries   
Neurological Conditions   
Convenience Items   
Ready to try convenient in-home urgent care?


Our mission is to deliver high-quality healthcare to consumers when and where they need it. Pivotal Health’s passionate and seasoned team has developed a scalable, technology-enabled platform to make healthcare more consumer friendly and easier to navigate.

Proudly delivering urgent and primary care services to patients in the Greater Madison, WI Area with more locations coming soon. 

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