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Hassle-Free Health Care for All

When your employees or their family members are sick, it places added stress on them and your business. Urgent care and ER visits contribute significantly to time away from work and to lost productivity, not to mention create exposure to more illness.

Pivotal Health treats your employees and their families in the comfort of their own homes with these additional benefits:

  • Highly experienced team can prescribe medications, treat infections, start an IV, do X-rays
  • Routine blood draws, physicals, and other services can be done at home or the office
  • Employees will pay the same or less as going to their doctor or an urgent care clinic
  • Increased productivity as employees can stay home and out of the waiting room
  • Convenient evening and weekend hours when urgent care and primary care is closed
  • Less stress related to making an appointment, childcare concerns, and exorbitant costs

Pivotal Health’s Mobile App

Pivotal Health’s innovative, patient-friendly mobile app is designed to be easy to use. Through the app, your employees select the time and day that works best, and they also see their out-of-pocket cost upfront. A Pivotal Health clinician texts them when they’re on the way, and follows up after the appointment to ensure they’re on the road to recovery.

Promote Pivotal Health to Your Employees

Pivotal Health is our area’s only health care provider fully addressing the concerns of modern employees and their families. As an employer, you’re always looking for added no-cost ways to help your employees. With Pivotal Health, they have access to convenient, stress-free, high-quality healthcare, resulting in happier employees, better productivity, and no added costs for your company.

Distribute our PDF flyers or contact us at info@pivotalhealth.care to schedule a short presentation to your workforce about using Pivotal Health.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality healthcare to consumers when and where they need it. Pivotal Health’s passionate and seasoned team has developed a scalable, technology-enabled platform to make healthcare more consumer friendly and easier to navigate.

Proudly delivering urgent and primary care services to patients in the Greater Madison, WI Area and the Milwaukee, WI Metro Area.

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