Pivotal Health In-Home Urgent Care

How It Works

Download the Pivotal Health mobile app
Create an account
Schedule the clinician visit
See flexible payment options
Experience focused care in the comfort of your home
Get a post-visit follow-up
Pivotal Health’s mobile application will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play soon. We’ll let you know when it is available.
Create an account in the app or use Facebook or Google to log on. Be sure to add your household members to the account.
Use the app to select a time convenient for you. You can also speak with our triage team at any time if you have questions.
Choose your health plan or cash pricing options. You will see your out-of-pocket costs and can pay with credit card, FSA, or HSA within the app.
Our Pivotal Health clinician will come to your
home with everything they need to take care of you. You’ll experience healthcare as it should be.
At no extra charge, Pivotal Health follows up after your visit to make sure you’re feeling better and to answer your questions.
Ready to try convenient in-home urgent care?


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