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At Pivotal Health, we believe that mental health is a vital part of overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, it’s often overwhelming to navigate the complex healthcare system to get the mental health treatment you need. Long wait times to see specialists also complicates the journey to feeling better.

Treating patients in the comfort of their homes, our clinicians often hear:

  • I’m feeling anxious or depressed – where can I get help?
  • Do I need a therapist?
  • Do I need meds?
  • Will this be covered by my insurance?
  • How much will this cost?
  • How do I even start to get help?

Get Started Feeling Better

Mental health conditions can make it difficult to begin, which is another reason Pivotal Health makes it easy. Our providers treat you and loved ones at home, and are trained to assess and treat adult anxiety, depression, and other conditions. They develop a plan with you to get you the best and most appropriate mental health care quickly.

With Pivotal Health, you’ll never fall through the cracks. With regular, ongoing communication between Pivotal Health providers, therapists, and specialists, we support and guide you through the complex mental health system to find options that work for you.

Pivotal Health can help. Our providers are trained to assess and treat adult anxiety, depression, and other conditions. They will develop a plan with you to get you the best and most appropriate mental healthcare quickly.

If you’re having a psychiatric emergency call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 or text “home” to 741-741.

FAQs About Pivotal Health’s Mental Health Services

  1. How does it work? Pivotal Health clinicians visit you in the comfort and privacy of your home to evaluate and assess your mental health needs. Backed by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists, Pivotal Health’s clinicians consult with specialists about each patient to develop custom, individual treatment plans according to their needs. Pivotal Health helps you to navigate mental health options to determine the right support for you.
  2. Does Pivotal Health provide therapy? Pivotal Health formed a direct connection to national and local mental health partners for immediate access to intake and matching with the right therapist for you – both in person and online.
  3. What kinds of mental health treatment can I get through Pivotal Health? Our licensed clinicians work with specialists to recommend medication and ongoing medication planning, guidance, and follow-up. They also help you identify and access crisis planning and support, group therapy, emotional support, and peer-to-peer support options, addiction resources, recommend resources for sleep hygiene, and mindfulness/meditation.

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Our mission is to deliver high-quality healthcare to consumers when and where they need it. Pivotal Health’s passionate and seasoned team has developed a scalable, technology-enabled platform to make healthcare more consumer friendly and easier to navigate.

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