Get Your Nosebleed Treated by a Medical Professional at Home

Nosebleeds lead to about 500,000 ER visits annually (about 1 in 100 ER visits) and cause significant stress for patients and their families. Pivotal Health has the equipment and expertise to treat most persistent nosebleeds right in the home or workplace – helping you to avoid the added stress of going the clinic or urgent care/emergency room.

Most nosebleeds arise from the front of the nose and will either stop on their own or with a few simple techniques you can try at home. The best way to treat nosebleeds at home is to tilt the head so the nose points down (tilting the head back/nose up may seem more logical, but this often will cause blood to run down the throat and cause choking!). Then, gently pinch the nostrils together for 15-20 minutes without stopping to “peek”. If the nose is still bleeding after this, you can apply cold compress to the front of the nose for a few minutes and try repeating the pinching process.

How Pivotal Health Can Help

If a nosebleed continues after these initial home techniques, a Pivotal Health clinician can come to you and treat the nosebleed safely and conveniently in the home or workplace. The clinician will evaluate you and, if there is ongoing nosebleed, likely use nasal sprays to help slow bleeding down. Once the source of bleeding is identified, the clinician will treat with medicated bandages, local anesthetic and cautery if needed, or even a temporary device inserted in the nostril to make sure the bleeding stop. Then, the clinician will develop a patient-specific plan for ongoing healing of the current nosebleed site and prevention of future nosebleeds.

If you have a lot of blood/clots running down your throat and are spitting it up or feeling like you are choking, we always advise calling 911 or going to the nearest ER.


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