Get Your Skin Treated by a Medical Professional at Home

Your skin is your largest organ and skin injuries and problems lead to many emergency room and urgent care visits. Pivotal Health’s clinicians have significant experience treating cellulitis, insect bites, rashes, lacerations, abscesses, bed sores, and pressure ulcers. They even have the tools to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger. Pivotal Health clinicians can also remove skin tags and warts in the comfort of your home.

A rash is a general term for an abnormal skin outbreak. Rashes can be itchy, painful, or can even cause a burning sensation. Rashes can be caused by insect bites, coming into contact with plants like poison ivy, allergic reactions, an inflammatory condition like eczema, or even heat. Hives, usually caused by an allergic reaction to something, appear as very large, itchy, raised areas of the skin. Proper treatment of a rash or hives depends on the cause. Heat rashes (blocked sweat gland) will often resolve on their own if loose and light clothing is worn in hot weather. For other common rashes, there are over-the-counter treatments including hydrocortisone and calamine lotion. Allergic rashes, such as hives or poison ivy, may require the use of an oral antihistamine. When you have a skin rash, you want to start the healing process as soon as possible. It’s often difficult to get an immediate appointment at the primary care clinic. So many patients with rashes end up using the ER or urgent care, spending unnecessary time and money on otherwise simple care.

Likewise, many patients with simple skin injuries (cuts, lacerations and abrasions) and infections (boils and abscesses) are unable to be seen right away at the clinic and end up needing to use the ER/urgent care reluctantly.

How Pivotal Health Can Help

Pivotal Health’s clinicians are experienced in diagnosing and treating many of the above rashes and other common varieties, all in the comfort of your home or wherever is convenient for you.

Pivotal Health’s clinicians are also highly experienced at treating cuts, lacerations, abrasions, and other wounds. A minor cut may heal fine on its own but prolonged bleeding may indicate a more significant problem. Pivotal Health’s clinicians can come to your home or the jobsite to appropriately assess, clean and repair the wound as needed with skin glue, sutures or skin staples.

Skin infections like boils or cellulitis are often quite painful and can lead to more serious infection throughout the body (sepsis/bloodstream infection). Local infections like boils and cellulitis need to be treated promptly and accurately. Boils are plugged and infected hair follicles and sweat/oil glands in the skin. They are painful and tender to the touch. Often they are red. Occasionally they are draining pus. Pivotal Health clinicians can come to you, evaluate the skin and treat as needed with medications, wound care and incision/drainage of the boil. Cellulitis can happen on any part of your body. It can feel warm and tender and the skin may appear red or blotchy. Pivotal Health clinicians can come to you and keep you from having to come to an urgent care clinic or doctor’s office. They can examine the cellulitis and prescribe medications if necessary.


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